A Celtic Wedding Invitation
- unique wedding invitation idea for a delightfully irish wedding

A stamped celtic wedding invitation design that will quietly convey the mood to this Irish wedding invitation theme.

The celtic knot design on this delightfully clean and crisp looking wedding invitation was created by using a rubber stamp and a color inkpad. The stamped image was then scanned and edited in Photoshop / Photoshop Elements or any photo editing software on a computer.

Scroll down and take a look.

The photo below will give you an idea of how simple and beautiful this DIY wedding invitation is.

celtic wedding invitation/A Celtic Wedding Invitation

Supplies for Making Celtic Wedding Invitation:

  1. 12" x 6" white color card stock
  2. a piece of white copypaper
  3. celtic knot rubber stamp
  4. orange color ink pad
  5. bone folder
  6. photo editing software
  7. color printer

Instructions for Making Wedding Invitation:

  1. Ink celtic rubber stamp with the orange color ink.
  2. Stamp the celtic knot image on the white copy paper.
  3. Scan the celtic knot image and save the file at 300dpi to your computer desktop.
  4. Open the scan image with your photo editing software.
  5. Clean up any smudges or stray ink.
  6. Save the file.
  7. Open a new file with page setup at 6" width by 12" length at 300dpi.
  8. Place or insert the scanned celtic image onto the page.
  9. Adjust the celtic image to the centre of the bottom half of the page.
  10. Pick out the orange color in the celtic image and draw a square around it with the same shade of orange.
  11. Set the printer to print with a custom page at 6" x 12".
  12. Print the image on the white color card stock.
  13. Fold white color card stock into half to make a 6" x 6" card.
  14. Swipe with a bone folder to give it a crisp crease.

Celtic wedding invitation text can be printed directly onto the inside bottom section of white card before step #1.

Or you can print the text on a 5.75" x 5.75" light weight paper and insert or paste it inside the card at the end.

Quick Tip!

You can also search online for any desired image and make a one time purchase for it.  Images are quite inexpensive and you can use it again and again to design and print your own stationery.

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