Celtic Wedding Invitations
- some cool wedding invitations for an irish wedding

Celtic wedding invitations, even though homemade, can be as outstanding as you want them to be. With the correct tools and supplies and paying close attention to design details, you can easily create beautiful D.I.Y. Irish wedding invitations that friends and relatives will want to keep within scrapbooks or other memory albums and taken out to be admired in days and years to come..

Here are a few wedding invitation samples that I have made to help jumpstart your own.

The bridal couples here are fictional characters and the venue for the wedding likewise.

I hope you might be inspired to use the wedding invitation ideas here or modify anyone of these design ideas to suit your own wedding color scheme.

Ideas for Your Celtic Wedding Invitations

sample wedding invitation #1

Irish themed wedding invitations - simple and with a touch of elegance by adding a square shape celtic knot design just below the name of the groom. Printed in blue on white card stock and layered over red or blue cardstock. 

 click here to view instructions for making this invitation. 

wedding invitation sample #2

Crisp white square invitation card with a orange color square celtic knot design.

A thin square orange frame is added using computer photo editing software to complete this elegant design. 

click here to view instructions for making this homemade wedding invitation. 

More Sample Wedding Invitations

Two more variations to these Irish wedding invitations with celtic knots.

wedding invitation sample #3

Same like the sample wedding invitation #2 above except that this has a circle celtic knot. The celtic design is dry embossed to extrude and intrude using a light-box and two different diameter circle cut-outs from two pieces of card stock. 

click here to view a bigger image of this homemade wedding invitation. 

wedding invitation sample #4

Same round celtic knot image like sample invitation #3 above used for this Irish wedding invitation. The image is printed with gray ink on pink texture scrapbooking card stock. 

click here to view a bigger image of this homemade wedding invitation. 

More wedding invitations will be added here so do bookmark this page, add this page to your social networks or visit again to view the latest diy wedding invites.

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