To Make Your Own Wedding Invitation Personal and Special
You'll Need Some Basic Tools & Supplies

How to make your own wedding invitation cards and save money for other stuff. Don't think that just because you make the wedding invitations yourself, they are going to look cheap. Handmade wedding invitations are expensive. Then you might ask, "How can I save money if they are expensive?"

Well, handmade wedding invitations are expensive when you buy them or have them custom made. But when you make them yourself, they can cost much less.

Will they look cheap? Certainly not if you know how to make the invitations properly. When done correctly and with the right tools and supplies, they will certainly have the designer wedding invitations look and feel. Furthermore, they will also be your very own one-of-a-kind personalised wedding invitation design which you can definitely be pleased and proud of.

How much do you have to pay for a custom made wedding invitation?

How much would it cost you to make your own wedding invitation cards? It can be as cheap as a dollar or less per card.

Have a look at the wedding invitation samples on this website. All the invitations are homemade do it yourself wedding invitations. Ain't they lovely? Would you be proud to send out invitations like these to your guests? If you are, then just check out how you can make your own wedding invitation cards by the instructions included for each wedding invitation design. 

Wedding Invitation Design

First and foremost, you will need to decide on the wedding invitation design. The design for your invitations will depend largely on the theme of your wedding and the color that will be used throughout your whole wedding ceremony. Various wedding themes will be discussed and featured for the wedding invitations on this making wedding invitations website so do browse around and see if any of these designs will help you decide on your wedding invitation design.

Read more about wedding invitation design ideas. 

Basic Tools and Supplies

To make your own wedding invitation cards, you need some tools and supplies. Here are the basic tools and supplies you need to buy if you don't have them in the house.

paper or cardstocks 

Whatever design you decided for your wedding invitations, you will need cardstock to make the invitations. Now with scrapbooking being a hot hobby for many women and men too, you can find beautiful cardstocks and designer paper in scrapbooking stores.

Read more about wedding invitation paper and cardstocks.

paper trimmer 

A paper trimmer is necessary to make sure that your cards are neatly cut.

A wedding invitation that is neatly cut looks professional and expensive so make sure you got your cardstocks cut with a good trimmer.

If you are not willing to invest in a good trimmer, you can always ask your local scrapbooking or craft store to allow you to use their trimmer. Usually stores allowed you to use their trimmer or die-cut machine if you purchase scrapbooking paper and cardstocks from them.

cutting knife

A cutting knife is handy for cutting smaller piece of paper or cardstock.


A sharp pair of sharp scissors for cutting fabric if you are using fabric beside paper and cardstock. Another smaller pair for trimming paper images, thread, ribbons or strings.

glue and tape 

Double-sided tapes would be useful for sticking down another piece of card or paper onto the basic card. It's dry so you won't get glue all over your invitations. If you are thinking of a 3D effect in your wedding invitation design, you will need foam tapes or foam dots. Glue is also necessary to adhere tiny light weight items or small paper pieces. Glitter glue for highlighting certain area in the design.


Ribbons, sequins, silk or paper flowers, charms, eyelets kit, brads, etc. These can be found in a scrapbooking store.

Do not go overboard with your embellishments. Stick to the rule, 'less is better'.

computer fonts 

Search for free fonts online or if you want you can also invest in a set of beautiful font for your computer.

computer and color printer 

For printing cliparts and wedding invitation wordings.

rubber stamps 

Using a rubber stamp image in your cards can be very interesting. There are many rubber stamp designs that you can choose from. to make your own wedding invitation design. Most rubber stamp company has online catalogs. Just look for one that is appropriate and relevant to your wedding theme.


If you rather not use rubber stamps, clipart is an alternative. There are lots of free cliparts available online so do a google search and you might be able to find one that's just right for your invitations.

Some artists allow you to use the clipart freely for your personal use only so check the right of use terms and conditions before downloading any copyrighted artwork.

Optional Tools and Supplies

sewing machine

If your design calls for stitches, then you will need to have a sewing machine. Most household has a sewing machine but if you don't have one, you might consider adding it to your wedding gift list. Meanwhile, just borrow one from a friend.

die cut machine 

A die cut machine can help much by speeding up your task if you need a certain die cut for your wedding invitations. You can also buy ready die cuts from your local craft shops or online.

decorative punches

This is another alternative if you need some die cuts. A punch is so much cheaper than buying a die cut machine or expensive plotting machine just to make your own wedding invitation cards. 

The above are just some of the stuff you might need to make your own wedding invitation cards. Some are absolutely necessary but many you can either borrow from crafty friends or ask permission to use in exchange for purchasing other supplies from your local craft or scrapbooking store.

Keep tack of your purchases and make sure that you do not overspent.

Do not go to the scrapbooking store until you have your wedding invitation design and the necessary shopping list ready unless you are just there to get some ideas of how much each item would cost.

If an item is too expensive and will break your budget, just substitute with something else that's cheaper.

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