Sample Wedding Invitation For A Irish Wedding
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using this diy wedding invitation design idea.

A sample wedding invitation can be very helpful to the designer of any do-it-yourself wedding invitations. By looking at examples of wedding invitations, we can visualize how we want the wedding invitations we are designing to look like and once settled on the design, can quickly move forward to execute it.

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For these Irish wedding invitation samples, a celtic knot image is used, and then manipulated within a photo editing software to enlarge it to the desired size for the homemade wedding invitations.

Have a look! You can create your own wedding invitations by following the step by step instructions here and changing the date and the names of people involved and switching the images with your own cliparts.

celtic wedding invitation/Celtic Wedding Invitation

Supplies For Making This Irish Wedding Invitation

  • 5.25" x 8.25" navy color card stock
  • 5.00" x 8.00" white or off-white color card stock
  • a piece of white copy paper
  • celtic knot rubber stamp or image
  • glue
  • microsoft word and/or photo editing software
  • color printer
irish wedding invitation/Irish Wedding Invitation

Directions For Making This Irish Wedding Invitation

  1. Ink celtic rubber stamp with the blue color ink.
  2. Stamp the celtic knot image on the white copy paper.
  3. Scan the celtic knot image and save the file at 300dpi to your computer desktop.
  4. Open the scan image with your photo editing software.
  5. Clean up any smudges or stray ink.
  6. Save the file.
  7. Open a new file with page setup at 5" width by 8" length at 300dpi.
  8. Type in wedding invitation wordings in blue color centering the text and increasing font sizes for names of couple and date.
  9. Leave a space after the groom's name for your image.
  10. Place or insert the scanned celtic image onto the page.
  11. Adjust the size of celtic image to fix into the alloted space.
  12. Set the printer to print with a custom page at 5" x 8".
  13. Print with the white color card stock.
  14. Glue and layer printed card onto navy color stock.

And here's the same sample wedding invitation text layered onto red card stock.

celtic wedding invitations/Celtic Wedding Invitations


You can also search online for any desired image and make a one time purchase for it. 

Images are quite inexpensive and you can use it again and again to design and print your own stationery.

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