Wedding Invitation Design Ideas
DIY Wedding Invitations According to Theme and Color

Elegant wedding invitation design that will pop up and get attention or theme wedding invitations that set the ambience for your special day?

Or would you prefer something funky, funny and more casual?

Whichever it is, when you design wedding invitations for your own wedding or that of your client, do not jump right into it without sitting down and think through these matters before going out to shop for your wedding invitation paper and other card making supplies.

In fact, don't do anything till you have your wedding invitation design carefully thought out, put on paper and approved by the couple.

Better still, do a mock up or sample wedding invitation. 

Wedding Invitation Design Ideas

Theme wedding invitations are very popular. Here are some wedding invitation ideas for you to consider and as much as possible I will add some sample wedding invitations according to each theme. 

destination wedding invitations

  • las vegas wedding - photo or clipart of Las Vegas, playing cards, dice, or dancing
  • cruise wedding - a cruise ship, nautical items
  • beach wedding - beach, seashell, seashore, writing on sands
  • hawaii wedding - aloha, hibicus, palm trees, surfing board, tropical scene
  • disney wedding - micky mouse, princess, cinderella

seasonal wedding invitations

  • spring wedding - garden, lily, rose, daisy, butterfly
  • summer wedding - sunny sky, beach slippers
  • autumn wedding - autumn scene, fall leaves
  • winter wedding - snowflake, angel, snowman

color wedding invitations

The save the date card and your wedding invitation is the first thing that your guest will get a feel of the theme for your wedding. The color or colors used for your wedding invitations will set the mood for the wedding ceremony so choose your color carefully. It should be a color that you will use throughout your wedding; example, the bridemaids' dresses, the flowers, the decorations, wedding favors, etc.

  • black wedding
  • black and white wedding
  • white wedding
  • red wedding
  • pink wedding
  • silver wedding
  • just colorful wedding

mood wedding invitations

  • cool wedding
  • simple wedding
  • cute or sweet - precious moments, princess, pink
  • funky wedding - xoxo, black, dancing couple
  • funny wedding - humorous, cartoon
  • elegant wedding - silver, white
  • vintage wedding - toile, victorian, regency
  • classic wedding - monogram

cultural/religious wedding invitations

Every culture has its own unique design. For example, a traditional Chinese wedding invitation would be red with gold or black lettering. To use black dominantly would be a taboo and considered ill omen so it's not just offensive but downright rude if you are a wedding invitation designer creating for a Chinese client. But of course, there are some exceptional cases where the color theme is black and white. This might be the case for the modern young people who just want to make a statement; definitely a shocking one to the older generations.

  • african american wedding
  • irish wedding - celtic knots, bagpipes
  • scottish wedding
  • jewish wedding - star of David
  • asian wedding - crane, orchid, red
  • chinese wedding - red, phoenix, mandarin ducks, chinese character for double happiness
  • hindu wedding - colorful, gold, purple, orange
  • spanish wedding
  • western wedding - cowboy
  • christian wedding - scroll, church, church bell, bible verses, cross, angel, dove

The above list is only some wedding invitation ideas I thought of and I hope to be able to upload some samples of these DIY wedding invitations so that you can visualise each wedding invitation design and use the design as it is or modify it to make it your very own unique wedding invitations.

Happy designing! 

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