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Some cool wedding invitation ideas to help you make your own wedding invites.

These wedding invitation examples are just a few samples featured on this wedding website. You will notice that each card uses a different technique; for example, the first uses a graphic clipart, while others use die cut or fabric painted and cut-outs.

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There are so many elements that you can use to be the focus point of your design. For example, a pink satin or silk ribbon to soften the pink theme invitation design or a die cut snowflake for a winter wedding.

Do browse the other wedding categories to view more wedding invitation samples till you find one you like and could use to make your own wedding invitations.

Some Wedding Invitation Ideas

Using Cliparts

Sample Wedding Invitation #1

wedding invitation sample #1

This is a wedding invitation created using using a christmas trees border graphic on Photoshop.

I have included all the files needed to print this simple and yet elegant christmas wedding invitation. All you need are 6" x 6" green card stock for the backing and white or off-white color 5.75" x 5.75" cardstock for printing.

You don't need Photoshop to open and edit the file. An online editor is included.

Click here to read instructions for this Christmas wedding invitation and download the template. 

Using Fabric

Wedding Invitation Sample #2

wedding invitation sample #2

This is a sample of a wedding invitation I created using scraps of fabric and painting the red hearts to embellish the handmade wedding invitations.

It's a relatively easy wedding invitation to make and can be done in stages. The fabric hearts were painted and cut out first. This is especially convenient if you have not determine on the venue for the wedding or other important information needed for the wedding invitations. Once the wedding invitations are printed and assembled, just put a dab of glue on the back of each fabric heart and adhere to the left side of the wedding invitation wordings.

Click on the image above to view a larger image of this card. 

Wedding Invitation Sample #3

wedding invitation sample #3

This is another wedding invitation design using the same painted red hearts for embellishments.

The only difference is the format of the wedding invitation wordings and the placement of the two red hearts.

The printed text is layered onto a jade green colored card stock instead of the dusty rose colored cardstock above.

Click on the card image to view a larger image of this card. 

Using Ribbon

Wedding Invitation Sample #4

wedding invitation sample #4

A romantic pink wedding invitation design with soft silk ribbon.

If you are on a budget, this is a relatively cheap wedding invitation design.

To cut cost, all you have to do it choose a cheaper cardstock. You can also source for cheaper ribbon by buying in bigger quantity and choosing a design that is made of a cheaper fabric.

Note: The example for this wedding invitation design is only a mock up so the ribbon is not attached yet.

Click on the image to view a larger image of this card. 

Using Die Cuts

Wedding Invitation Sample #5

wedding invitation sample #6

Red and green Christmas themed wedding invitations embellished with a die-cut snowflake.

This is a most suitable wedding invitation design for a Christmas wedding.

If you don't want a snowflake and would like to have a different theme, for example, wedding bells, or a christmas wreath, you could just use another die-cut design or a different the clipart image.

Click here to view instructions for making this red and green winter wedding invitation card 

Wedding Invitation Sample #6

wedding invitation sample #6

Silver ribbon and shimmering silver metallic card stocks make this a most appropriate wedding invitation design for a cold winter wedding.

A light silver die-cut snowflake embellished with silver studs is the main focus point for this handmade wedding invite. 

Click here to view instructions for making this wintry snowflake wedding invitation. 

Hope you like these wedding invitation ideas.

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