Wedding Invitation Paper

Which wedding invitation paper to use for your special event?

Paper for wedding invitation are aplenty in the market and it is useful to gather some information about them before deciding on any particular diy wedding or card making paper.

Although the first impression that anyone get upon seeing your wedding invitation is the wedding invitation design and color theme, the paper you use is equality important for it adds to the first impression with its quality and texture. Here are some informations that will certainly be useful to you. 

Special Kind of Wedding Invitation Paper

Design and make of paper for card making has increased amazingly because of the card making, scrapbooking and do-it-yourself trend throughout the world. 

handmade paper

Although machine-made paper are widely used for wedding invitations, there is a renewed interest in handmade paper.

Handmade paper are made by scooping a slurry of fiber in a large vat with a mesh screen. Once the slurry settled down and the water drained out, the screen is overturned to allow the thin sheet of fiber to fall flat on a felt sheet.

Another felt sheet is placed on top and a block of wood or heavy sheet is placed over this to squeeze out the water.

Then the sheet of paper is hanged up to dry. Seeds, flower petals, leaves and glitters can be embedded in the fiber.

Handmade paper are usually surface-sized in order to enable ink to stay on the surface and not be absorbed readily into the fiber.

Scroll down to read about seed embedded paper and petal paper.

seed paper

Seed paper are paper embedded with a combination of tiny seeds.

Seeded paper can be planted and will grow a garden of wild flowers and herbs.

Some of the seeds embedded in the paper or card stock are daisy, evening primrose, spurred snapdragon, catchfly, foxglove, corn poppy, bellflower, sagewort, bachelor buttons, yarrow, monkeyflower, chamomile and thyme.

Light weight seed paper are used for envelopes and card stock for invitations, favor boxes, and other packaging.

When seed paper are used for your wedding invitations, a brief instruction should be added to inform the recipient how he or she can recycle the invitations.

petal paper

Petal paper are paper with petals embedded in the pulps or fibers. Petals used are usually roses, larkspurs and lavenders.

recycled paper

Recycled paper are made from waste paper from offices and homes. These paper are shredded and blended with water to make a slurry.

Scroll up to read how the slurry is turned into handmade paper.

Many hobbists are turning to making their own paper at home so papermaking kits and instructional books can be purchased from craft stores.

eco paper

Environmentally friendly paper are tree free paper produced from natural fibers and using natural coloring from fruits and beans.

Other Designer Wedding Invitation Paper

vellum paper

Vellum paper are translucent and therefore creates a beautiful romantic effect when used as wedding invitation paper. They come in many hues of colors. Do note that like coated or glossy paper, ink on vellum will take longer to dry.

scrapbooking paper

Because of the popularity of scrapbooking, there are scrapbooking stores sprouting up everywhere. Each of these stores carries scrapbooking paper that are also suitable for wedding invitation paper. These are designer paper and many are very decorative with images, and words. Many of these are textured and printed on both sides. Most of these sold in sheets of 6" x 6" or 12" x 12" in size. You can also buy them in pack.

Some are deckled edged and some are die-cuts. Many of these designer paper can make very lovely wedding invitations or boxes for wedding favors. 

The above is not an exhaustive list of wedding invitation paper. There are many other invitation paper in the market and to write about all of them here, though possible, would not be necessary for us. 

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